Whether you are visiting New York for the first or the fifteenth time, there are thousands of things to do in this massive city which can be overwhelming. History meets modishness in this hub of entertainment, media, fashion and entertainment. From the world class museums, unforgettable icons, historic streets, trendy casinos, bars and restaurants you cannot run out of something to do here but all these tantalizing options make it hard to plan a trip, therefore, instead of trying to do it all, here are the greatest things that you must do while in New York.

1. Stroll across Brooklyn Bridge

A stroll across this romantic bridge has the power to turn a platonic relationship into something more. Built for 14 years by 600 workers Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic landmark looming majestically over New York City’s East River and linking borough of Brooklyn with Manhattan.

2. Visit the Tenement Museum for an engaging guided tour

Before its incarnation, the 97 Orchard Street where it is located was home to dozens of working class Jewish, German, Italian and Irish families. A guided tour across the Tenement Museum covers the history of New York’s immigrant population from the 19th century to early 1900s. You will learn so much and have a new understanding and appreciation of the life of New York’s immigrants.

3. Ride on the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island

The Wonder Wheel is the center of entertainment at Coney Island. Built by the Eccentric Ferris Wheel Company in the 1920s this is the perfect place to spend your weekends as you enjoy the stunning view of the entire park and the ocean.

4. See animals at the Bronx Zoo

If you are a lover of wildlife, then you will have an amazing experience at the biggest metropolitan zoo in North America. Covering over 265 acres, a day is not enough to see everything. You can take a two hour guided tour of the Himalayan Highlands exhibit, World of Reptiles or the Congo Gorilla Forest. Be sure to also visit the Bison bison which was declared America’s national mammal.

5. Unwind at some of the best casinos in the world

New York is not only famous for its ever busy streets full of fashion, excitement and entertainment but also for the many gambling options. It is home to over 40 land based casinos with more than 100 real table games and near 3,000 machines. The casinos offer amazing experiences all round. They have amenities such as hotel, spa and pool. You can also play at the comfort of your suite through online casinos such as captain cooks casinos, Zodiac casino, Luxury casino and many others.

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